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Mihama NRA Regional Office

Facilities to be inspected

  • • Mihama Power Station, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

Mihama Nuclear Power Station

Power Generation Facilities

Unit No. Reactor Type Capacity Commissioning
Unit 1 PWR 340 MWe November 28, 1970
Unit 2 PWR 500 MWe July 25, 1972
Unit 3 PWR 826 MWe December 1, 1976

Present States of Operation

Location of the Nuclear Facilities

Mihama-cho, Mikata-gun, Fukui Prefecture


Fukui Prefecture Mihama Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Center 1F,
1-6 Kenohana, Sata 64, Mihama-cho, Mikata-gun, Fukui, 919-1205

Phone: 0770-37-2290

Fax: 0770-37-2291

Map to the NSI Office

Mihama Nuclear Emergency
Preparedness Center


  • • Mihama NRA Regional Office was established in September, 2012
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