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NRA Regional Offices

Click the name of nuclear facilities and the information will be displayed on the right side. Tomari Higashidoori Rokkasho Onagawa Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Fukushima Daiichi Fukushima Daini Tokai/Oarai Kawasaki Yokosuka Hamaoka Shika Tsuruga Mihama Oi Takahama Kumatori Shimane Kamisaibara Ikata Genkai Sendai


Click on the name of NRA Regional Offices and the information will be displayed here.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has 22 regional offices near the nuclear facilities in Japan, where Nuclear Safety Inspectors and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Officers have been stationing.

The Nuclear Safety Inspectors have the responsibilities of nuclear safety inspection (i.e., checking the implementation activities of the Operational Safety Programs by the operators) based on the Act on Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors, and supervision of operational managements by the operators of nuclear facilities.

The Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Officers have the responsibility of providing nuclear operators with instructions and advice on emergency preparedness and response activities by the operators based on the Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Action Plan.

Off-site Centers for Nuclear Emergency Response:

Off-site Centers are the facilities, which are designated by the Prime Minister of Japan based on the Act on Special Measures concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness, and located near the nuclear facilities for nuclear emergency response.

An Off-site Center, where staff members of relevant organizations (e.g., the central governmental organizations, prefectural/municipal governments, and other organizations) are requested to gather in a prompt manner after the occurrence of nuclear accident, has the role of realizing radiation protection for local people living near the nuclear facility in emergency by conducting emergency response measures including evacuation and radiation monitoring activities in a cooperation with prefectural/municipal governments and other organizations.

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